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Best VGO Gambling Sites 2024 with Free Coins

A complete list of the best sites to bet VGO Skins and other WAX items. All websites have been verified by our staff. Use code ' vgocasinos' to get FREE coins and bonuses.

All Sites
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VGO Roulette, Coinflip, Tower, Jackpot

VGO Gambling Sites Guide and history

VGO Gambling is a relatively new niche of wagering that has emerged right after Valve (the developer of Counter-Strike: Global offensive) introduced a 7-day trade hold on CS:GO skins, which basically killed the liquidity (and profits) of the biggest market handling virtual items – OPSkins

Back in the day, CSGO Skins were used by thousands of players not only as virtual item of esthetic value, but as a currency as well. It was actually one of the best currencies available – anonymous with instant transfers and worldwide availability. But it also meant that this currency was out of control and created a whole new market of so called CSGO Gambling which was basically an ordinary gambling (with some exceptions) that used virtual items from the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as a currency to place bets. That created problems for Valve, with the main one being accusation of creating environment for underaged gambling. As a result, Valve has undertaken various steps to stop activities of all the online casinos and sportsbooks involved in skins betting. As Counter-Strike 2 will be released this summer, we can expect it will be followed by CS2 Gambling Sites that will allow users to gamble with new CS2 Skins.

CSGO gambling | VGOCasinos

The 7-day trade hold was a final blow for all professional gamblers and esports enthusiasts who occasionally staked skins on esports matches. Moreover it has also hit the community of ordinary players, traders and big businesses like OPSkins. The latter one has found a way to bypass the ban by exchanging the digital items they were holding between the players without changing physical ownership until the player wanted to withdraw his virtual good from the market. Valve didn’t like the idea and decided to ban all the trade bots owned by the market.

And this is how VGO (similarity to CSGO is not accidental 😊) came to life. OPSkins came up with the idea to create digital items similar to CSGO Skins that could be traded between the players. The biggest problem was that they didn’t have any real value as you couldn’t use them in game. As a result there was much less people interested in buying and selling, but it allowed all the websites to rebrand into VGO Gambling sites (also known as VGO Casinos) and prolong their existence by offering VGO items for deposits and withdrawals. Obviously market was much smaller, as many of the Sunday punters resigned completely, so some sites had to shutdown but others continued to operate. Online Casinos that have survived were still struggling, but since the competition was smaller, they were able to earn enough to survive.

All VGO Gambling Sites have specialized in various areas, including:

  • VGO Case Opening Sites
  • VGO Trade Sites
  • VGO Betting Sites
  • VGO Earning Sites (where you could earn free vgo skins)

and more.

Best VGO Gambling Sites offer Random Number Generator (RNG) to prove their fairness. As a rule of thumb you should stick to these operators. When it comes to games, vgo sites have developed some new games or adapted old ones for the needs of new customers. Most of the names, like Jackpot, Roulette or Dice are already known even to beginners, but some can be quite a novelty. We will describe some of the vgo games in the next chapter.

VGO Games

VGO Items Gambling Websites and Casinos offer various cool games to play and win new vgoskins. You can divide them into two categories:

  • PVP (where you play against other player)
  • PVE (where you play against the House)

VGO Gambling with skins | VGOCasinos

Some people consider Case Opening sites as another gambling category, but we prefer to keep it separately to underline it's uniqueness. All websites available on our list provide games that are provably fair, so you can be sure that you won’t get scammed and will be able to cash out your winnings. Among different games offered by VGO Skins gambling sites you will find:

VGO Upgrade

This game is characteristic for Skin Gambling sites and can be something new for you, if you have never wagered with in-game items in the past. The goal of VGO upgrade is (as the name states) to change your Skin for a more valuable one. When you wager your skin, you can choose the multiplier (x2, x5, x10, x20) and you will get information about how likely it is to succeed. Obviously the higher the multiplier you choose the lower your chance of upgrading your skin. If your VGO Skin upgrade fails, then your item will be lost.

VGO Roulette

This is the most common game that you can find on almost every VGO website offering gambling games. It works basically the same as a classic Roulette game found in all land Casinos, but instead of betting money or chips, you use your Skins. It comes in various versions – with 3 or more colors available to bet on. Most popular sites have 3 colors roulette – red and black offering x2 return and green with x14 multiplier. Some sites offer VGO Roulette in a form of a wheel with more colors and with a multiplier reaching as high as x50. The rules are very simple – pick a color that in your opinion will be drawn on the next round and choose how much you want to wager. If you’ve picked right, you will get back your wager multiplied by a number visible on that color (for example x2, x5, x14, x50 etc.).

VGO Crash

VGO Crash Sites bring you one of the coolest VGO games out there originating from the one and only csgocrash! Here are the rules: you bet VGO Skins before the round starts and watch as the multiplier goes up. 1x, 2x, 3x and up to hundreds… but remember: it can crash anytime! And in order to win you have to cash out before it does. If you won’t – you’ll loose your VGO Skins . Back in the days, CSGO Crash was one of the best and most popular skin casino games. Items have changed, but the fun is the same - this is classic vgo skin gambling.

VGO Coinflip

Coinflip in an example of a PVP game, where you wager against other player. It’s very simple: you create a game by betting your vgo skins on one side of the coin. A player joining your game has to bet VGO Skins of equal of very similar value on the other side. The system virtually flips the coin and the winning side takes all skins. Each player has 50% chance of winning the game and the House usually takes 5% fee from the pool. VGO Coinflip sites have one disadvantage though - you need a big client base to get the games going without interrputions.

VGO Jackpot

VGO Jackpot Sites for gambling | VGOCasinos

VGO Skins Jackpot is another classic game mode on Gambling Sites accepting VGO items for placing wagers. It works this way: All players interested in playing the game deposit their vgo skins and put them into one pot. Depending on the total value of the skins you’ve wagered you get your winning chance. For example if your skins have a value of 30% of all skins in the pot, then your chance of winning is also 30%. After the pot is filled, site randomly generates a winner who take all the items home (minus 5% fee for the House). The game itself became hugely popular and attracted the audience for the times of csgo skins. You could say, that VGO Jackpot sites are probably the most popular among all vgo sites out there.

VGO Slots

In order to play this hugely popular game that can be found in every land and online casino, you'll most likely have to convert your items to the on-site currency - coins, gems, chips or whatever your website of choice provides. We haven't seen anywhere slots being offered without a necessity of going through the conversion. Once you get your bankroll, you can start wagering. We believe that everyone knows what slots are, but in case you don't - slot machine is a gambling machine with three or more reels which spin when a button is pushed (or a lever pulled). The machine pays off according to patterns of symbols visible on the front of the machine when it stops. Once you're done, you can convert you coins into the vgo items and proceed to the cashier and cash out your winnings.

VGO Dice

It's a classic online dice game, where players make wagers on the outcome of the roll. High Rollers love it as it usually has very small House Edge and offers possibility to play the odds by customizing your Winning Chance and Payout. The game itself is a must have for bitcoin casinos and has been adopted by some vgo siteleri as well. Similarly to VGO Slots, it requires to convert your skins to the site's currency in order to place your bets and roll the dice.

VGO Referral Codes

Almost every VGO Gambling site provides Referral Code that gives sign-up bonus or other handouts to the players. Some bonuses come in a form of Free Coins/Credits or free vgo skins, where others add some percentage bonus on your first deposit (in this case you can expect some wagering requirements). All referral sites like ours gather these vgo codes. Check our free vgo gambling site list to get these codes like for example promo code duelbits and test the sites out with no risk or get some other benefits. Make sure to use code ‘ vgocasinos’ on every gambling site you visit to get as much of it as possible!

What to keep in mind when choosing a VGO Gambling Site?

Couple factors that are important to check before you start placing wagers in a particular Casino:

  • RNG: are the games provably fair and how to check it.
  • Bonuses: what are the welcome or reload bonuses and most importantly - what are the wagering requirements.
  • Minimum and Maximum Deposit and Withdrawal amount: will the Cashier stop my at the Cash-out?
  • Transfers speed: you want to deposit or cash out instantly right?
  • Minimum and Maximum Bet: the second one is important for High Rollers aka Whales who like to put a lot at stake.
  • Progressive Jackpot: it's always a nice addition to the site - just check if there is a remote chance of winning one :)
  • Loyalty scheme: what can I get for playing at a particular VGO Site. Will I get a VIP status and limo :D?
  • House Edge or RTP: the lower the edge the more virtual goods you will keep in the long run.

VGO Sites and VIRL items

This is quite a new addition and rather a different concept, but we have decided to mention it as it was developed by creators of VGO items. VIRL is the name of merchandise like apparel, shoes, electronics etc. traded on WAX blockchain via OPSkins market. These items are both virtual and physical as they only get shipped once you create such order. If not, you can trade the ownership to these digital goods without changing their physical possession. These virtual items have been quickly adopted by existing wax gambling sites and created a space for new virl gambling sites too. We consider them a great idea, because they have all the benefits of vgo items minus the disadvantages (like no real world use case).

The future of WAX Betting Sites

What will the future bring? According to the recent trends in both betting markets we can except ongoing merge of vgo websites with virl ones. VGO items have been loosing on popularity since the developers failed to create games that would implement them. The only game (The Forge Arena) was a complete failure and there is no sign of new ones on the horizon. So far only VGO Jackpot sites managed to stay popular because of the csgo sentiment, but we believe that it's not gonna last forever.

We expect that VGO and VIRL sites will merge into WAX Betting Sites and coexist in one space. There is also a possibility that both of them will have to pass the crown to one of the crypto casinos or NFT gambling sites like for example Rollbit that overall seem to offer more advantages.

There is also a possibility that people will get bored with items that can't be used in games and will turn their heads to CSGO Gambling Sites , which are still operating, even though on smaller scale then before 'Valve's crisis'. Some hope that other game developers will create their own ecosystems revolving around skins. That would create a space for a new type of gambling websites to emerge. We already have a foretaste of this with RUST gambling sites , that allow to bet skins from the game RUST, which is getting more popular with each day. Whatever happens, we hope that skin gambling will never cease to exist as it is super fun and convenient! Dota gambling sites on the other hand seem to be growing as Valve has not undertaken any actions to stop it.

Not only vgo and virl items popularity is rising, whole ecosystem, including digital wax stickers and waxpeer - innovative system for peer to peer CS: GO items trading is currently emerging. Will those systems be found appealing to players and help to develop wax gambling? only time will show.