CSGO Trading Sites 2024

Find the best CSGO Trading Sites in 2024 on the list below. These are the go-to destinations if you want to trade, exchange, buy or sell your virtual items (Skins) from the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

CSGO Trading Sites List

  1. Bitskins

    Bitskins is one of the biggest skins exchanges. You can buy, sell and trade skins from CSGO, Dota 2, TF2, RUST and Z1BR. There are many convenient methods of depositing and withdrawing funds including Cryptocurrencies, Skrill, Bank Cards and more.

    BitSkins for CSGO Trading | VGOCasinos
  2. CS.Money

    CS.Money is the biggest and most popular from all CSGO Trading Bot Sites. It has been up and running since 2016 serving millions of customers on monthly basis. The site has been sponsoring many CS:GO tournaments including StarSeries. It charges 7% commission on trades, but in some cases the additional extra charge may apply (depending on the trade hold duration implied on the item).

    If you want to buy new Skins, you can top up your wallet with G2A Pay. You can also reduce commision on every trade by adding "cs.money" to your steam name.

    CS.money for CSGO Trading | VGOCasinos
  3. Tradeit.gg

    Tradeit.gg offers virtual items from a variety of games including CSGO, Dota 2, RUST among them. You can add funds using G2A Pay if you want to buy Skins. The commission depends on various factors as game, item's cooldown period, popularity and more.

    Tradeit.gg for CSGO Trading | VGOCasinos
  4. CS.Deals

    The cool thing about cs.deals that makes it different from other sites is chat, where traders can talk and exchange opinions about skins and trades. Beside that, the site offers impressive amount of payment methods, like Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Sofort, QIWI and more.

    CS.deals for CSGO Trading | VGOCasinos
  5. CSGOLounge

    CSGOLounge is probably the oldest CSGO Trade site which has lost its former glory after Valve's action against betting sites (it used to offer match betting as well). The design is pretty minimalistic and offer too, as you can do only peer-to-peer trading without possibility to buy or sell skins for real money.

    CSGOLounge for CSGO Trading | VGOCasinos
  6. Swap.gg

    The site offers pretty basic design with limited options. The commission range is 8-10% depending on the game from which the item you want to sell originates. The site has pretty good reviews on trustpilot.

    Swap.gg for CSGO Trading | VGOCasinos
  7. iTrade.gg

    New site for trading.

Guide to CSGO Skin Trading Sites

Trading CSGO Skins can be very profitable. In fact many people dedicate their life to it and make it their prime source of income. We've prepared this short introduction to trading and using trade sites so you can become one of them.

If you want to profit from 1:1 trades you need to stay calm and stick to your strategy. It is important to understand that no one on earth wants to trade down, just to get a beautiful skin.

In the CS GO trading world, everyone wants to make a good deal – making offers with a bad outcome for one trader will just not work. This is the reason why 90% of all of the trades get rejected, no one wants to downgrade! Everyone in CSGO trading is looking for profit.

If you plan to start your CS GO trading business think about investing a few dollars. Thousands of traders start with a few cents and need hours and hours to reach a higher inventory. Then people find themselves stuck on a level, or even fall down. The market is full of people with just a few cent items and everyone wants to get a bit more. If you really want to be a CS GO trader, stay away from that shit, invest a few dollars and take the step up – don’t be one of the guys who is hunting for cents. Starting with a few items for 2-3$ can be much more attractive.

You should start with placing a trade link in your Steam profile and make your profile public. Like that members of the Steam Community can easily send trades without beeing a friend. A trading link is much safer than a live chat discussion where traders accidently change the offer.

Once you've done that you can visit one of the sites from our list of the best CSGO Trading Sites. All of them are intuitive and well designed, so it's really easy to navigate and exchange items. You should start with adding your steam tradelink to your profile. After that, depending if you are on P2P trading site or not, you can look for available trades or create a new one as well as trade directly with a Bot and exchange your skins for the ones availble in the invetory belonging to the trade site.

If you feel like trading takes too much time and you want just to sell csgo skins fast then visit our csgo cashout sites list where you can find websites offering instant sell. In case you want to play some casino games with your items then make sure to check out our csgo gambling sites list and pick one of the trusted websites for betting.