Rollbit Promo Code 2024 is a well established crypto casino site. This review will show you its pros and cons as well as explain where to put Rollbit promo code: 777casinos to get free coins as cashback.

Use Rollbit promo code 2024: 777casinos for free coins  | VGOCasinos

Rollbit offers 2 types of promo codes: referral and coupon. In this guide we describe what do you get with each code, where to get them and how to redeem them.

Rollbit Referral Code 2024 and bonuses

As we've mentioned in the beginning, Rollbit offers various codes for players to provide them with extra bonuses and other incentives. First of them is a referral code that gives you access to Rewards program and can be considered a sign up bonus.

If you want to unlock up to 50% cashback, just use Rollbit Code:


It is a great way to get extra funds for wagering. You can redeem it after clicking on ‘Deposit’ button in the top navigation bar, next to your balance and choosing 'REFERRALS' tab (last on the right).

Referral codes can only be entered up to 24 hours after registration, so better don't wait too long if you don't want to miss your welcome bonus!

Rollbit referral code used to give $0.50 in free coins in the past, which was a nice no deposit bonus, but nowadays it gives new users some extra coins in a form of cashback. There is a daily, weekly and monthly cashback which is a great way to get some coins back if you get unlucky with your bets. Using rollbit referral code gives you a higher cashback on start.

5 Steps to redeem your Rollbit referral code in 2024

  1. Register an account or log in to your Rollbit account
  2. Verify your email (you should receive a verification email from Rollbit)
  3. Click "Deposit" button in the top navbar of the website
  4. Click "Referrals" tab and type in 777casinos as your referral code.
  5. Enjoy your rewards!

Rollbit Coupon Code 2024

So you already know what will you get with the referral code and how to redeem it, but that's not all. The website also offers rollbit coupon codes for its players. Using Rollbit coupons gives you free bonus balance on the site. They regularly give out coupons via their Twitter: All you have to do is follow their account and visit it from time to time. If you are lucky, you will encounter a coupon code, which you need to use fast as they expire pretty quickly.

Steps to redeem your Rollbit coupon code in 2024

  1. Register an account or log in to your Rollbit account
  2. Verify your email (you should receive a verification email from Rollbit)
  3. Click "Deposit" button in the top navbar on Rollbit's site
  4. Click "Coupons" tab and type in a coupon code that you've found on Twitter. If you get an error, unfortunately the coupon has expired.
  5. Enjoy your rollbit free coins!

About Rollbit

Rollbit is a great looking site offering various casino games and crypto trading options founded in February 2020 by a team of entrepreneurs with a shared passion for online gaming and cryptocurrencies. It has launched with one game only - a new version of Roulette, where you choose your own multiplier and if the Roulette wheel rolls a number higher than your chosen multiplier then you win. Since then, they have added many more casino games (their own inventions and from well known 3rd party providers) as well as trading options and NFT marketplace and case opening. There are rumors, that they want to introduce a special version of sportsbook as well. Keep reading to learn more about their products.

Rollbit Casino Games


X-Roulette is original game developed by Rollbit. X-Roulette takes elements from Roulette and Crash but is unique in it's own right. Users bet on multipliers and if the chosen multipliers (or higher) come in, user bets are multiplied by the multipliers they chose.

The rules of the x-roulette game are simple:

  1. Pick a multiplier between 1.01 and 1,000,000.00
  2. Place one or more bets with the amount of your choice.
  3. If the result is lower than your multiplier, you lose.
  4. If the result is higher than your multiplier, your bet amount is multiplied by your guess.


X-Crash is also exclusive to Rollbit. X-Crash is a spin on the popular Crash casino game. Players place bets and must decide when to cashout as the multiplier grows, but unlike traditional Crash, players can place multiple bets! Crash is about timing, at any time the multiplier can crash!


X-Flip is another proprietary game, that is a spin on the popular Coinflip casino game. Players must pick one side of a coin and then flip them to see if they win, but unlike traditional Coinflip, players can flip multiple coins at once to increase their potential payout!


Rollercoaster is a game exclusive to Rollbit where users bet on where the Rollercoaster price will go next. Users can bet on the price going up or down, adjusting their multiplier to increase the potential payout. Rollercoaster is provably fair and has a 2.5% house edge. It is similar to trading cryptocurrency: you but on whether the randomly generated number will go up or down, but the simulated price that fluctuates is ten times more volatile than bitcoin or ether.

3rd party games

On top of the above mentioned games, that have been developed by Rollbit, website also partners with various game providers to deliver the best slots, live casino games, blackjack, games shows and more. Among the producers available on the site, you will find: Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw, Nolimit City, Play'n GO, Push Gaming and others. The offer is robust and everyone will find something for himself.

Recently Rollbit has added more Casino games from well-known providers. Among them you will find hugely popular Monopoly from Evolution Gaming.

Rollbit Crypto Trading

Beside playing casino games with bitcoin or other crypto, you can also enjoy trading with cryptocurrencies. It's not like real trading on an exchange, which obviously requires a special license and there are many conditions a company has to meet first. Crypto trading on Rollbity is more like gambling.

You can bet if the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana or some other crypto will go up or down. It's very easy to get started with trading on Rollbit. Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose the cryptocurrency that you would like to start trading.
  2. Bet on the price going up if you think the price will rise. If the price goes up, you will generate profit.
  3. Bet on the price going down if you think the price will fall. If the price goes down, you will generate profit.
  4. Pick a multiplier to maximise your bet. Setting a higher multiplier increases the risk of your bet.
  5. Cashout at any time, profit or loss. Set profit or loss targets to automatically cashout your bets.
  6. Keep your bet open for longer than 8 hours and you might incur or receive hourly funding payments, depending on market conditions.

Rollbit NFT

Rollbit is among those who bet huge on NFT (non fungible tokens) and their development. The website offers various Rollbit NFT features including NFT Lootboxes (the World's first NFT lootboxes), ability to deposit and withdraw NFTs and a gas-less NFT marketplace. We have described it all below.

NFT Marketplace

When depositing a NFT to Rollbit, they're added to your portfolio. Rollbit does not credit site balance for NFT deposits. Once you have them in your portfolio, you can trade them with other users just like you would on OpenSea. Rollbots are Rollbit's own NFTs that can be traded both on the site and outside.

NFT Lootboxes aka Rollbox game

Rollbit has just added a new game to their collection called Rollbox. Rollbox is a NFT gambling game, where you can win NFTs by opening boxes containing them. It is a very well known concept from the CS:GO, where you could open cases and win CS:GO Skins. Rollboxes work pretty much the same, just instead of skins you win NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. Some of them can be worth millions of dollars.

How to play Rollbox game?

Playing this game is super easy. All you have to do is choose NFT in the left panel and then Rollboxes. Once you see all available rollboxes at the time you can pick one you like and hit 'Play' button. On the page of each Rollbox you will see all NFTs it cointains and probabilities of winning anything as well as the price of opening it. The only thing is left is to hit 'Spin' button and the prize drawing begins.

Rollbit Sportsbook

That's right! Rollbit is about to add sports betting to its offer. It starts with Sports Rollbots NFT sale taking place in March. Sports Rollbots will provide its holders with exclusive benefits and up to 30% profit sharing on Rollbit's Sportsbook.

There is no information yet on when will Rollbit finally enable sports betting feature, but we assume it will happen soon, since they're already promoting it with such events as above mentioned sale.

Payment methods

There are various ways to make a deposit or withdraw funds from your rollbit account. Doing it is simple as you just have to click on the "Deposit" button in the top navbar and choose preferred method.

  • Crypto

  • When it comes to cryptocurrencies, Rollbit accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana and Rollbit Coin. It is symetric, meaning you can make both deposit and withdrawal using these coins. Each crypto will have a minimum withdrawal amount requirement and will subtract network fees from the final amount, meaning that in the end you will get a little bit less than you account balance at the time of withdrawal.

  • NFTs

  • Here is where this casino stands out - you can deposit or with NFT! It is very unusual when it comes to gambling sites. Anyway, once you make a deposit, you can go to Marketplace and sell them to get coins into your account.

  • Credit Cards

  • While you can't use your Credit Card directly on Rollbit, you can get redirected to one of the recommended websites, where you can buy crypto using your Mastercard or VISA and make a deposit to the website afterwards.

  • Rollbit CSGO Skins

  • In the beginning, Rollbit accepted deposits with CSGO Skins like other CSGO gambling sites. Unfortunately since then it is not an option anymore. Fortunately there are many websites where you can sell you skins for crypto, which later on can be used to deposit funds.

Rollbit Coin

It is also worth mentioning, that the casino has developed its own token, called Rollbit Coin. It can be used for trading or depositing on the website. Maybe in the future more and more sites will accept is as a payment method.

You can track Rollbit Coin price and curreny value on such sites as CoinMarketCap or Coingecko.

Rollbit VPN

How to play rollbit in USA?

It is not easy to play on Rollbit while being located in the USA since the website is blocking traffic from that region. If you want to know how to get on Rollbit while being located in the US, then the answer is simple. You need to get the best VPN for Rollbit, like PureVPN and change your IP address to some other country, f.ex. Canada. Not only will it allow you to log in to the site, but also to access more casino games. Is that legal? We don't know. You should check your local laws and regulations to answer that question for yourself. Each country or state may have different approach to it. Rollbit might also consider using VPN being against their terms, so you should ask their customer support at: [email protected]

Pros and Cons


  • Clear design
  • Innovative games
  • Live chat support
  • Referral system
  • BTC, ETH, LTC, SOL and RLB payments
  • No KYC unless you break the terms


  • No CSGO Skins for deposits and withdrawals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rollbit referral code?

Rollbit referral code is a bonus code that gives you access to 50% cashback in Rollbit rewards program. You apply it by clicking "Deposit" button in top navigation bar and choosing and "Referrals" tab. Over there you can type in our exclusive code: 777casinos

How can I redeem Rollbit coupon code?

After your register or log in, you can enter a coupon code by clicking "Deposit" in the top bar and then "Coupons". If you get an error, unfortunately the coupon has expired.

Which Rollbit referral code works in 2024?

There are various codes that you can find surfing internet, but most of them have expired. If you're looking for an active code that can be used in 2024, then use our exclusive rollbit code: 777casinos

Where will I find Rollbit coupon code?

Rollbit coupon code, which gives you extra balance, can be found on Rollbit's twitter. They give them out regularly.

Is Rollbit legit?

Rollbit is 100% legit website. It has not only been verified by our team, but has a countless reviews and opinions available throughout the internet. Feel free to check for yourself!

How to play Rollbit in USA?

If Rollbit is not available in your country and you're wondering how to play rollbit in US, we have a solution for you.

All you need to do is use a right VPN that will mask your IP and allow you to enter the website. We recommend using PureVPN.