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Wanna win some VGO Skins? Enter our weekly Giveaway by completing various tasks. It's easy :)

3x WAX Key Giveaway

CSGO Giveaways => VGO Giveaways

Back in the day CSGO Giveaways were the most popular way to attract public to a site revolving around CSGO Skins and main place to host them was Twitter. Popularity of the giveaway would depend on the value of the item(s) featured as the prize and could reach tens of thousands of people participating. Since Valve's 7-day trade hold, number of giveaways together with people taking part in them has drastically declined, giving space to the new king - VGO.

VGO Gambling Sites have embraced giveaways of these blockchain-based virtual items and offered them to their growing audience. So did we :) We've decided to host a weekly giveaway for all the users visiting VGOCasinos so everybody can get some free skins! You can enter it by completing various tasks through Gleam widget. For now it is weekly giveaway but we are considering to make it a daily one with better prizes if it will become popular. So if you want more, just spread the word about

Good luck guys :)

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