VGO Trade Sites 2024 - TOP 3

Looking for a VGO Trading site to exchange VGO Skins or add couple to your collection? Pick a trusted one from this list below and become a trader.

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VGO Trading

VGO Trade

Trading is what made CSGO Skins so popular. It allowed players to exchange their virtual items for new ones when they got bored with their look or everytime Valve released a Case with new set of skins. It helped to grow the community and game itself. Back in the day you could find many CSGO skin trading sites packed with all kind of items. Unfortunately most of them have been closed after the 7-day trade hold introduced by valve in the beginning of 2018.

Many people feel that VGO exchange sites can do the same for these new blockchain based virtual items. It will be harder though since in order to be desired, they need to have a game where they can be shown. So far there has been just one producer (creator of the Forge Arena) who decided to implement them in his video game. Hopefully it will kickstart the whole industry of VGO trading and popularize VGO Skins among gamers.

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How to trade Skins on VGO Exchange Sites?

Becoming a VGO trader is quite easy. You should start with buying some Skins on Opskins or if you like the excitement of unboxing, then you can choose to buy a Skeleton Key and open one of the VGO Cases yourself.

There are many sites offering case opening, most of them can be found on our list of the best vgo case opening sites . Once you've opened a case and got your brand new item (that has been transferred to your OPSkins ExpressTrade account) you can search for a VGO trade site.

Once again our website comes in handy offering a list of the best skin exchange sites out there for wax express trade. Just pick one of them and you're ready to start real trading. Your first step will be providing your Trade Link to the website of your choice and trading your items with the VGO trade bot that automatically handles all trades. Accept the trade offer and get your items listed on the site. Now you can exchange them for anything that is available in the site's inventory. Easy, right?

VGO trading has been constantly improved and made easier thanks to introduction of new functionalities like automatic acceptance of vgo trade offer if someone is sending you skins as a gift or bulk exchanges and sales. Some of the updates have also allowed faster transfers between VGO gambling sites and players which we like a lot! Keep it up :)