Skinbet Code and Review 2024

Skinbet is probably the most popular VGO Jackpot site currently available - a place of choice for VGO Youtubers. We've prepared a short intro to the site. You can support us by using Skinbet code: vgocasinos.

Skinbet Code: vgocasinos - use it to get free coins  | VGO Casinos

Skinbet Code and bonuses

Skinbet is a site that appeared during CSGO times, but haven't gained popularity back then. Everything has changed with introduction of VGO Skins. was among first vgo sites to implement new virtual items and promote it on Youtube.

This is probably the coolest thing about this site - You can play against many well know VGO Youtubers who are promoting Skinbet. They usually play in a High Rollers so you need to have some valuable skins in order to enter the game.

PS: Chat community is pretty good :)

Feel free to use Skinbet Promo Code:


Unfortunately the code will not give you any extra money but you can enter it to support VGO Casinos. Just click on ‘Deposit’ and enter your Skinbet referral code there.


Skinbet provides 2 vgo gambling games - VGO Jackpot and VGO Coinflip. Jackpot is divided into 2 categories:

  • High Rollers
  • 30MAX

The first one is only for people with expensive VGO Skins, where the second one can be played with any skins, even garbage ones :D

Payment methods

When it comes to deposit methods, you can send virtual items based on WAX blockchain only:

  • VGO Skins via WAX Express Trade
  • VIRL items
  • Withdrawal too can be made with VIRL and VGO only.


    Skinbet offers a pretty simple yet clean design. You won't find there too many options for customization, but you will find everything you really need.


    Unfortunately there is no LiveChat so in case you have any problems you have to ask on Chat to try email communication.

    Pros and Cons


  • Clean design
  • Youtubers playing
  • Popular
  • Cons:

  • No live chat support
  • No Bonuses