CSGO500 Code 2024 and Review

CSGO500 is focused on CSGO Roulette solely but they do it extremely well. This review will will give you some basic information and guide you where to put CSGO500 promo code: vgocasinos to get $1 in Free Coins. This will let you try it out for free before making a deposit.

CSGO500 Code : vgocasinos - use it to get free coins  | VGOCasinos

CSGO500 Referral Code 2024 and bonuses

CSGO500 is also one of the survivors that used to thrive during the CSGO gambling sites era. The site has paused its operation right after then 7-day trade hold introduced by Valve but came back to existance soon after CSGO Skins have appeared on the market. Even though most of the sites has become less popular after the trade hold, CSGO500 seems to be as crowded as always.

If you want to try it out, just use CSGO500 Code:


and receive $1 for free and use it in risk-free bets. You can redeem free coins by clicking on ‘Rewards’ wich looks like shopping bagand entering your CSGO500 referral code.

Beside using a csgo500 voucher code, you can receive free coins every day through Daily Reward. The higher your rank the more BUX (on site currency) you can get. You can also get free coins via other activities like following CSGO500 on twitter, facebook, discord or VK.

Steps to redeem your CSGO500 code in 2024

Do you wonder where do I go to use my referral code on csgo500? Here is the answer:

  1. Register an account or log in to your CSGO 500 account
  2. Verify your email (you should receive a verification email from CSGO 500)
  3. Click your Profile Name and choose "Rewards" on CSGO500
  4. Type in CSGO500 referral code: vgocasinos and click "Claim"
  5. Enjoy your bonus!

So now, once you've used your CSGO500 free code, it's time to learn more about the website and its offering. Keep reading to learn about all pros and cons of it.

About CSGO500

CSGO500 is one of the first csgo gambling sites, which launcher in 2016 as a one-game site. Even though the website has started with one game only - the wheel, it has added since then many more casino games, payment methods and other products.

CSGO Roulette, which is their first game, is a wheel of fortune type offering 2x, 3x, 5x and 50x winnings. The other one, called Duels is pretty much a Jackpot - you create a room, set its value (like 1000 BUX) and 1 or more players can join it. After all the players are ready, the wheel spins and wherever arrow stops, this user takes everything there is on stake.

Since the beginning, many more games were added. On top of the Wheel of Fortune you get Roulette, Crash and Duels. And these are only the games developed by the CSGO500 team. Beside that you can enjoy hundreds of 3rd party casino games, like slots, blackjack, live games and more from the top producers. Recently csgo500 has added Sportsbook to its offer, which may attract many more new players.

Payment methods

When it comes to deposits, CSGO500 offers 3 ways of adding funds to your account:

  • Skins (CSGO, Dota2, RUST, H1Z1) via Steam
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other Crypto (you can also buy crypto through the site and make a direct deposit)
  • Credit Cards and other FIAT payments
  • Withdrawals can be made with the same methods.


    Design of CSGO500 is very minimalistic yet appealing and easy to navigate. It has not changed during all these years which means that players love is as it is.


    CSGO 500 doesn't offer a Live Chat which is a pitty. In case you have any problems with entering csgo500 codes to get free bux or something else, you will have to get in touch with them via the contact form.

    CSGO500 VPN

    How to play CSGO500 in the US?

    It is not easy to play on CSGO500 while being located in the USA since the website is blocking traffic from that region. If CSGO500 is banned in USA and you want to know how to get on it while being located there, then the answer is simple. You need to get a VPN, like PureVPN and change your IP address to some other country, f.ex. Canada. Not only will it allow you to log in to the site, but also to access more casino games. Is that legal? We don't know. You should check your local laws and regulations to answer that questions for yourself. Each country or state may have different approach to it. CSGO500 might also consider using VPN being against their terms, so you should ask their customer support.

    Pros and Cons


  • Clean design
  • Skins and Crypto
  • Daily Rewards
  • Duels
  • Cons:

  • No live chat support
  • Only 1 game
  • Copy CSGO 500 Code : vgocasinos and hit 'Play' to try it out.