Best CSGO Match Betting Sites 2024

Best CSGO Match Betting Sites where you can bet on CSGO matches! Wager on various CSGO betting markets including Match Winner, Map Handicaps and Total Rounds.

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What are CSGO Match Betting sites?

Counter Strike Global Offensive Mаtched bеtting is also known as back bet matching or lay bet matching. Match a csgo betting is a bеtting technique used by punters to strategically profit from the real money free bets or first deposit bonuses offered by bookmakers or sportsbooks. The aim of cs go match betting is to find a risk-free mechanism to place your bet with the best chance of winning by covering all of the potential outcomes of the CSGO match. This is achieved by placing bets on the different outcomes at different bookmakers using the free bet offer for esports betting. By doing this, you make a profit each time you bet.

Every CSGO match betting site that can be found on our list has been tested, reviewed and certified by our team of experienced punters. All bookmakers listed above have excellent reputation, operate legally and can be trusted when comes to depositing funds, betting on matches and claiming your winnings. In other words you won’t be scammed – the only question is which site suits your needs best. Each of them will provide you with excellent csgo match betting experience.

CSGO Skins betting on Esports

Skins betting on Esports has a long history and became hugely popular thanks to CSGO betting site called CSGOLounge. It was hands down the most popular place to bet skins on CSGO matches.

The whole skin industry was booming after Valve's introduction of Case Opening that created a hype for CSGO Skins. According to research firm Eilers and Krejcik Gaming, more than three million people wagered $2.3 billion worth of skins on the outcome of esports matches in 2015. Since then, whole esports betting market has grown exponentially. Many traditional bookmakers, like bet365, pinnacle, betway and many more has become interested in the esports scene, offering bets on regular basis.

CSGO Match Betting Sites where you can bet on csgo matches | VGO Casinos

Unfortunately all these big names failed to introduce skin betting to their offer to meet the demand and expectations of esports punters. This created a space for many smaller esports betting sites that focused solely on skins.

Valve’s crack down on skin CSGO Gambling sites in 2016 has forced many of these websites to close. Some of them continued their operation, even though Valve made it very hard by banning bots used for skin trading. In 2018 Valve introduced 7-day trade hold making operation of these (mostly csgo betting) sites virtually impossible.

Beside CSGO Skins, there are tradeable skins from other games like Dota 2, H1Z1, Rust and more, but they have never became as popular and valuable as CSGO Skins and therefore haven't been widely adopted as a virtual currency.

How to choose the best CSGO match betting site?

Choosing the best CSGO match betting sites is a matter of some basic research. Esports is not like many of the other communities out there. Therefore, while sports fans won’t have so many centralised forums where people can share their honest opinion, esports have a very tight following all over the place. This includes multiple forums and websites, the most prominent of which remains Reddit. Knowing this, finding a top CSGO betting site is really simple. What you need to do is find a professional review – such as the ones we have here – or simply see what fellow gamers have to say about a bookmaker. In places like Reddit, you can rest assured that objective opinions are shared, and faulty or salesy ones are being called out and dismissed. There are some common criteria that you can follow in determining whether a website is good:

  • Odds and Betting markets – To get the best value for your money, you will need to make sure that are bets that you can successfully predict. Most commonly, you will stick to match bets as it’s easier to track them and predict those. As to the odds, you will want to be given fair odds, and not have to meet criteria that aren’t really feasible in the first place.
  • License and Trustworthiness – This is very easy to check. You just need to go to the footer and see what license they are currently holding. Many esports betting operators have licenses from regulators that aren’t based in the United Kingdom. Reputation is equally important, which brings us to Reddit once again. Just do your due diligence and you won’t regret it.
  • Bonuses – CS:GO betting sites will offer you bonuses, whether for a specific event or in general. One of the most famous such operators is Betway which also sponsors Ninjas in Pyjamas, an esports team.

How to bet on CSGO matches?

About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a first person shooter that was published in mid-2012 by Valve Corporation. The objective of a map is to finish with more round wins than the enemy team. The game has a very long history, having started as a Half-Life mod in 1999.

How are CSGO matches played?

In every match there are two teams with five players each, the gameplay is asymmetric: Team A has to play as terrorists, whose objective is to either kill all the counter-terrorists or blow up one of two bombsites by planting a bomb there and successfully defending it for 35 seconds. Team B, who start as counter-terrorists has to kill all the terrorists before they plant a bomb, prevent the terrorists from planting it, or by defuse it after it has been planted. After 15 rounds the teams swap sides: Team A will play as counter-terrorists and Team B will play as terrorists.

The first team to reach 16 rounds won, wins the map. In case of a 15-15 draw, six overtime rounds are played, three as one side and three as the other. The overtimes can repeat until one team wins four out of the six bonus rounds. Every time a player gets killed they stay dead until the beginning of next round. Economy is a very important aspect of the game, winning and losing rounds give different amounts of money, which can be used to buy better weapons, grenades or kevlar vests and helmets.

Betting on CSGO matches

Unlike some traditional sports that have masses of analytics that you will be able to peruse to gain an idea of who is going to come out on top, there is no reliable analytics provider out there for CSGO. Therefore you really do need to do your own homework if you are going to be successful in your wagering on your selected CSGO betting website. he good thing about esports is that those that you are betting against and the bookies themselves are often rookies at understanding esports. So for a wise better there is an opportunity to make a really large amount of money if you thoroughly understand your game of choice.

So how do you get to come out on top with your bets? The following are just a few suggestions that will help you to better understand how to maximise your chances of coming out on top with your bets:

Know the game: get stuck in and actually play so that you get a good feel for what it is really about and how it is won. A good hands on understanding of the mechanics of play will go a long way to helping you to predict who is likely to come out on top within any game. Watch professional gamers stream: there and many out there that have professional YouTube channels and other sites that you will be able to watch. Most do not simply play, they will provide you with a running commentary of what they are doing and why. Seeing how the experts play will provide you with a great insight of what really works as well as getting to know some of the “names” in the sport. Watch the tournaments: there are many tournaments out there and many teams will be featured in several of them allowing you to see how they perform many times over. You will be able to get to know those teams and how they perform in different situations giving you an edge when it comes to making your bets.