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What are Dota 2 Gambling Sites?

Dota 2 Gambling Sites are websites that allow you to place wagers with Dota 2 virtual items called Skins, that can be bought or received in game.

These digital items have various price, which mostly depends on the rarity. They can be bought and sold on the official Steam Community Market as well as on 3rd party marketplaces like BitSkins. Dota 2 Skins can be transferred between players instantly and without fees what makes them a great gambling currency. There are many websites that accept them as payment method and allow players to make deposits and withdrawals using this method.

The best part is that you don't even have to own the game or know anything about it to be able to use them for placing bets. All you need to do is download Steam and buy them on one of the marketplaces to have them sent to your inventory. Once you have them in the inventory you can visit one of the gambling sites available on our list and put them to good use.

If for some reason you want to learn more about Dota 2 before betting with its virtual items, feel free to read the guide below

Dota 2 Betting Guide

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Valve Corporation and released in July 2013. It is a sequel to Defense of the Ancients, which was a mod for Warcraft 3. The game is fully free-to-play. To maintain it, Valve supports the game as a service, offering loot boxes and a battle pass subscription system called Dota Plus that offer non-gameplay altering virtual goods in return, such as hero cosmetics and audio replacement packs.

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Game Rules and terminology

MOBAs are a combination of role-playing and real-time strategy games. Each match of Dota 2 consists of ten players in a 5v5 format. Each team controls one of two bases which continually send out AI controlled “creeps,” or small combat units. These creeps move along three paths which connect the bases, and they attack players and towers controlled by the opposing team. Towers are structures which are strategically located at choke-points along the three paths. The location of structures and bases in Dota 2 is the same for every game. The first team to destroy the “ancient” (central building) located in the other team’s base is the winner.

Players control one hero character out of a selection of over 100, each with unique abilities. They gain levels throughout the match, which enables new abilities, by killing creeps and other players. Killing other players is a source of income, as is “last-hitting,” and the money gained can be spent on items to increase a hero’s stats. Heroes are classified by their roles:

  • Carries are initially weak heroes who grow to become the strongest by the end of the match. They are expected to lead their team to victory in the late-game stages.
  • Initiators are characters whose skills are most effective at starting “team fights,” or when a majority of the players of each team are engaged in a single skirmish
  • Supports are heroes who focus on helping their teammates with skills like healing spells.
  • Disablers are support heroes capable of temporarily preventing enemy heroes from taking certain actions.
  • Lane supports help their team’s “carry” with killing units and players in the early game.
  • Durables can withstand larger amounts of damage than other heroes.
  • Nukers are capable of dealing significant damage, even in the early stages, through the use of potent and consistent damage-dealing abilities.
  • Pushers are best suited for destroying towers and vying for map control.
  • Escapes have abilities which enable them to move in special ways around an area

Heroes can be also divided into 3 groups

  • INT – the masters of spell-casting. With lots of mana in hand, but low HP instead they can damage the rivals or support the AGI’s roles.
  • STR – sturdy well-built warriors with lots of HP. You may want to use them as the main fighters in the match.
  • AGI – heroes with substantial armor and significant attack speed. They are amazing fighters and are usually at their best in the latest stages of the battle.

Choose the character with a role wisely in order to have a balance in your team. Each of the roles has its pros and cons. You get to use abilities that others lack. That is why it’s important to construct your team with players of different heroes and roles to be powerful and undefeated. Also, your hero has an experience, which increases during the match. The more you have it, the more powerful you are. Plus, you get to play as long as the match goes. In case the hero dies, it will be quickly restored.


The most important Dota 2 tournaments are officially classified as “Premier Tournaments.” These are the events that feature the best teams and the largest prize pools. They’re typically held by well-known franchises and tournament organizers, and they’re viewed as being EXTREMELY prestigious.

There are several Premier Tournaments that are held on a regular (or semi-regular) basis. The following are some of the biggest:

  • The International
  • The Dota Major Championships
  • Dota 2 Asia Championships
  • The Summit

The International and the Dota Major Championships are easily the highest profile events on this list. They’re organized by Valve Corporation and they have HUGE prize pools. There are three Major Championships every year, and each one has a fixed prize pool of $3 million. The International takes place once a year, with a variable prize pool that reached over $20 million in 2016 and 2017.

Sportbooks and Casinos

The ways to wager on Dota 2 only deviate from the gambling norm through the ability to wager in-game content on the outcomes of high profile matches. Using the Steam client by Valve (who is not actually affiliated with the gambling itself, but allows for third parties to use Steam), players can connect to dota2lounge or other betting site to trade or bet the in-game content they own. Finding a Dota 2 sportsbook is not a problem, thanks to the enduring popularity of Valve's award-winning MOBA. However, finding a great betting site amongst the hundreds or thousands that offer Dota 2 betting is a much greater challenge. Betting markets will vary depending on your chosen bookmaker, with some operators offering more comprehensive Dota 2 coverage than others. Fortunately, as one of the most popular esports, there are a number of bookies that offer a range of Dota 2 markets. These include mainstream sportsbooks like Bet365 as well as esports focused betting platforms such as ArcaneBet. Both options provide punters with a robust list of pre-match betting markets and an extensive array of in-play betting options for punters looking to bet as the action unfolds.

A game of Dota 2 is usually decided over the course of anywhere between 20 and 70 minutes. During this time, the heroes controlled by each player grow in power, through a combination of gaining experience points (leading to higher levels) and gold (leading to more powerful items). On any given team, some players must focus on “farming” the most powerful items in the game, while others focus on more strategic affairs and supportive roles. This contrast of “carry” (the player whose hero aims to become the most powerful) and “support” (the player who gives up most of his in-game power progression in order to help the team as a whole) underlies the entirety of Dota 2’s gameplay, and results in an esport with an incredibly unusual – but especially gripping way to bet.

Gambling with Dota 2 items in the Casino is easy and fun. There are basically 2 types of online casinos - first one allows you to bet dota 2 skins directly and second one converts them to on-site currency, which can be later on used to place wagers.

Dota Gambling Sites offer the same games as other websites and Casinos like csgo gambling sites, including Dota 2 Jackpot, Coinflip, Crash, Roulette, Slots, Dice and other games that will provide you with lots of excitement and with a little bit of luck will make your inventory bigger and more valuable. We have created a list of the most popular Dota 2 gambling games below, which in most cases are games known from good old-fashioned casinos. It's always good to use promotional codes when trying a new site, so you can get some extra cash o try a website for free. Good example of such code is Duelbits Code which will give you some free coins.

Casino Games for Dota 2 Skins Gambling

  • Dota 2 Roulette

    Roulette is one of the most popular games on all gambling websites. The object is to pick the correct color (red, black or green), where the virtual ball that is spinning on the roulette will land. In most cases, depending on the color you will get 2x and 14x multipliers but there are some games where you can win 50x. Betting Dota 2 Skins allows you to multiply the amount of items in your inventory very fast.

  • Dota 2 Jackpot

    Jackpot is a known concept but skin betting websites have gave it a new meaning. It became hugely popular as people could bet against other players and not the house, which is appealing for competitive gamers. You play it by placing your virtual items in one Dota 2 Jackpot together with other players, which get drawn once it reaches a certain value or certain amount of time will pass to begin a new round. Your winning chance depends on the value of the Skins that you've placed in the jackpot. It is like winning a lottery!

  • Dota 2 Coinflip

    Coinflip or flipcoin (as some people call it) it a game very similar to Jackpot, but instead of multiple participants you have only 2 players who have roughly 50% chance to win the items that were staked by the opponent.

Dota 2 Gambling Sites List

In the beginning, dota 2 lounge was the most popular website for skin betting. You could place wagers there on many matchups and win items from other players if you were lucky enough as they offered a pari-mutuel betting, where you wager against other bettors.

Nowadays we have more sites that accept dota skins as currency for both match betting and casino style dota2 gambling. We've prepared a list of the best and most popular websites where you can place bets using your virtual items. We've placed top sites in the beginning of the page and in the end we've added more webpages, that for some reasons didn't make it to the top.

  1. CSGO Empire

    CSGOEmpire is a hugely popular site that accepts Dota 2 items for deposits and withdrawals. It offers few dota gambling games, but arguably the most popular ones - Roulette, Coinflip and match betting. It has a beautiful design, high wagering limits and has been translated into many languages. You can open free cases on daily basis where you can win some cool skins for your collection.

  2. WTFSkins

    Once very popular, this site still has a group of faithful bettors willing to bet dota 2 skins on one of the 4 available games: Crash, Ropulette, Jackpot and Cases. If you are active player theyn you can earn quite a lot from Daily Gift which value increases with your level. You can level up by placing wagers on any of the casino games.

  3. CSGO500

    CSGO500 has quite minimalistic design but at the same time quite appealing to many punters. The have started with a wheel of fortune but have added mini jackpots and crash since then as well as more payment methods. You can participate in their giveaways and win some free skins. You can use CSGO500 Code to receive a welcome bonus.

  4. Dota2Lounge

    Dota 2 Lounge was by far the biggest Dota 2 betting site for items. Since then it has lost popularity due to competitors coming in a form of traditional bookmakers offering bets on Dota 2. May not have all the matches played on that day especially for amateur teams.

  5. VPGame

    Formerly Chinese betting place, but now with English support. There are also handicaps to help from bets getting too skewed. Additionally, item returns are capped so there is less loss due to trash items. Has basketball and football (soccer) matches as well

  6. Dota2BestYolo

    Allows betting a high amout of low value items. Usually has more matches than dota2lounge especially for amateur leagues like jDL. Also has football (soccer) matches. Again odds tend to be a bit more skewed due to smaller community.