VGO Case Opening Sites 2024 with Codes

Here is the list of the Best VGO Case Opening sites, where you can open cases and win VGO Skins. Our list of top VGO Case Sites provides you with trusted sites only that will boost your inventory.

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CSGO and VGO Cases

Case Opening - the history

It has all began with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Case Opening sites were one of the most popular gambling sites within the Counter-Strike community, where you could get new Skins for your inventory.

It has all started back in 2013, when Valve introduced digital items (known as Skins) to CSGO, after successfully implementing them in their other games (Dota2 and Team Fortress). Players could obtain them for free while playing the game (as a result of a random skin drop), watching matches, unboxing cases with keys bought in the in-game store or buying Skins on Steam Marketplace.

CSGO Skins had different value based on their rarity or other characteristics and have quickly become a sort of virtual currency and foundation of one of a kind virtual economy. Steam Marketplace and it’s limitations could not meet the demand of this booming economy and therefore created a space for third-party sites offering CSGO Skin Trading, Case Opening and other products highly desired.

Even though third-party sites were one of the biggest contributors to the CSGO popularity, Valve has decided to send cease and desist letters to all sites, saying that they violate their TOS. Some sites have ceased their operation, whereas other continued to offer their services (trading, gambling, match betting) to the community. Valve was fighting remaining sites by banning their trade bots but it was a kind of a cat-and-mouse game because these CSGO Case Opening sites kept on creating new bots each time old ones got banned.

Finally, in March 2018 Valve has decided to ban Skins trading (or make it a lot harder by introducing 7-day long cool down period). As a result most sites have been closed and number of people playing CS:GO drastically declined.

VGO Case Opening Sites 2024 | VGOCasinos

VGO Cases

After Valve’s trade ban, a new product has appeared: VGO Skins . VGO Skins are virtual items, that can be collected and traded (similarly to baseball cards) but can’t be used in-game (although VGO developers are working to change it). Their design resembles CSGO Skins and that’s intentional. Their creators count, that the community’s nostalgia will accelerate adoption of new virtual currency.

VGO Skins can be obtained on one of the virtual items markets (for example OPSkins) or from VGO Cases. With each day there are appearing more and more VGO Case Unboxing sites and it’s becoming confusing to decide which one you should choose. This is where our list of Top VGO Case Sites comes in handy. We’re constantly tracking the scene and checking every site that shows up. If we consider it good and trusted, then we write a review and place it on our list of the best VGO Case Opening Sites currently available. If you like VGO unboxing or some related games like VGO Case battle then you should visit all the VGO Case websites available on our list. There’s no need for you to search for new sites (especially when you don’t know if they are legit) – all you need to do is visit VGOCasinos every now and then to learn about new sites that can be used to boost your inventory and get some cool VGO Skins that can be used on one of the VGO Gambling Sites !

Even though vgo case opening it a thing of the past, there are still some case opening sites that allow you to get CSGO Skins. One such example is Dat Drop. You can play there like in the good old times. To get some extra bonus, make sure to use Dat drop promo code before making your first deposit.