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Looking for a RUST Trading site to buy, sell or exchange skins? Pick a trusted one from the list below and become a trader.

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RUST Trade

Trading has been a part of multiplayer games since their beginning. Basically every game that offers digital items (also known as skins) to players allows one or another form of exachanging them between players or between players and NPC. It keeps gamers entertained for a longer time and allows game producer to increase its revenue.

In RUST, gamers can make their items (weapons, outfit, etc.) look different than the default by using Skins, which change the visual features of the items they cover. Aside from looking nice, they don't influence the items in any way, like making them better or stronger. They are just a way to make your avatar look cool and show your status to other players.

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RUST developers have provided players with a plethora of skins since the beginning and ways to obtain them through the gameplay. They have also created a free market based on Steam, where players could buy or sell their items as well as trade them with other gamers. As a result a new skin economy has emerged and various products around it, including rust trading sites.

RUST trading sites allow players to get involved in RUST trade in couple ways:

  • By trading items with other players without real money involved - items for items
  • By trading items with the site through rust trading bot
  • By selling or buying skins for real money

RUST Trading Guide

Before you can start trading RUST skins, you need to get them first. There are many ways in which you could obtain new items, including:

  • Getting some for free inside the Game.
  • Buying directly from FacePunch Studios.
  • Buying on one of the Marketplaces
  • Receiving as a gift from your friend

In order to get them in your inventory, you will have provide the sending party you steam trade url.

To find your Steam Trade URL you should follow these steps:

  1. Log into Steam Client and open your Inventory.
  2. Click the "Trade Offers" button on the right.
  3. Click on "Who can send me Trade Offers".
  4. Your Trade URL can now be copied and pasted where you need it.
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Once you have received and accepted a trade offer, you should be able to view your RUST skins in your inventory. Got it? Good.

Now you can visit one of the best rust trading sites available on our list and become a real trader. RUST trade sites let players buy and sell skins directly to one another. A seller can set any price they want and buyers can purchase these or submit limit orders to buy a skin at or below a given price when/if one become available. This is not so different from the stock market where traders buy and sell shares in companies.

RUST trading prices vary. Some skins are worth only couple of cents where others can reach hundereds of dollars in price. On top of that you get the price volatility which is often very high and reach easily 100% in matter od days.

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Another thing you should keep in mind as a trader is a commission charged by rust trading websites, which can range between 5-15%. In some cases marketplaces allow you to lower the commission by adding their website URL to your steam name. It helps them to promote their rust skin trading site and gives you a discount on your trades, which is a win-win deal.

Now you know what to keep in mind before launching your trading career. Websites available on our list give your all necessary tools to trade RUST skins both for fun and profesionnaly if you want to earn some money out of it.

Make sure to visit our rust gambling sites list if you feel like playing some cool casino games with your items. Good luck!